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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Saab Session Slovakia 2015: the video

The video from this year's Saab Session Slovakia arrived. Partially drone, partially from the ground. Respect to the authors. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saab Session Slovakia 2015

I just couldn't resist. Or, better said, I had to find time and save energy for this event. And it was a good decision. Saab Session Slovakia started 3 years ago with ~50 cars. Now it was 90+. In the time, when the Saab infection is weaker and weaker, this thing grows.

There were slovaks, czechs, polish and swiss guys, germans... even a lady from Brazil. Somehow. There were people driving for this event 10-12 hours, with relatively new Saabs but also 40 years old Saabs. What to say... this event is now rooted in the map of the european Saab events. In the small and strange country of Slovakia. A 2.5 days event. Wow.

Some pics:

9-3.  A hirsched 2.8.

Another rarity, a 9-5 SC #3 from the 9-5 SC directory

This is Karel Gott with the Staidl brothers. The czech pop icons of the past. Driving Saabs.

I truly don't care if a 9-7X has or hasn't the Saab spirit.

The usual talk.

The proud owner.

The veteran section.

Still my wet dream, a 900 convertible in good shape.

A decoration of one of the old Saabs.

The light.

This Skoda belongs to the painter of many Saab paintings, always present on these events.

Panorama 1

Detail one.

To drive a 90 cars convoy is not easy.

That place for the photos and lunch.

Panorama 2

That radio.

On the way home. Donovaly, about 8°C. It seems, the vert season is closed.

Much more photos can be found on the fb event page.
Cheers all.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Simon Stålenhag

The paintings of Simon Stålenhag are strange retrofuturistic snapshots into an imaginary world. Often, the hi-tek machines, are dead and rosty and industry from our age still works. As if he would say, don't rush into the future, things can get complicated, but I admit, it's too speculative. I've got from the paintings a very raw feeling as being in a desert.

He's a Swede, on the paintings are also cars. Saab as well. I found three of them, there are maybe more.

Just checkout, there are beautiful pieces.

Monday, January 19, 2015

SSC 2015 drone video

The drone video from Saab Support Convoy 2015 Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Also a couple of photos available.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Saab Support Convoy Czech Republic and Slovakia 2015

On 17.1.2010 the first Saab Support Convoy started. It was basically a peaceful demonstration again GMs idea to close Saab completely. The idea was, that it happens at the same time all around the world, in places where Saabs have fans and fanclubs. About 6000 Saabs worldwide appeared at the first anniversary.

The rest is history, which, fortunately still continues. Somehow. At least.

This year it was the 5-th anniversary of the SSC. It was one of the few opportunities to see the known faces and friends in one place, so I couldn't resist. Also it was in Southern Moravia, which I absolutely love. Beautiful countryside. About 100 km far, which is nothing. And one of the best wine area in Europe.

The cooperation of and Saab Club Slovakia worked again perfectly. About 40-50 cars appeared. Looking forward for the next year.

Gathering place of the slovakian crew. 10 minutes and continue to the main place.
Lednice. Below the castle. Check out the camera drone in the top right corner.
40-50 Saabs. From classic 900 through everything up to 9-5NG.
The guys from Saabunderground are hobby photographs. Stereoscopes should appear.
A detail...
The chilli red on the right side is pretty rare.
Voluntary fireman. Respect.
The second place. Somewhere in the fields.
Saabs. Lots of Saabs.
Even more Saabs.
See you next year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear friends and readers. I've got a couple of "why you stopped to write the blog" questions. My ego was smiling, however things have changed. I have a new love:

She's Alexandra, now 5 months young and absolutely loved by everybody who appears nearby. She's smiling and laughing, recently started to "comment" things and she steered my life towards things that really matter.

But my Saab is in the garage and it still continues to send the "drive, drive" signals. And I follow them. Much less, then before, but still quite often.

It was the case for today. In the last years, the Christmas are without snow. The climate is warming and I ask myself if we, the car drivers, are not at least partially guilty of this. We might be, but nobody answered this completely reliable. Anyway, today it was a sunny 13°C day here in Slovakia and I couldn't resist the signals from the garage. Roof down of course.

 I wish you a relaxed and happy Christmas days and only the best for 2015. The next year will be good. Without any doubt. See you next year at Saabism.


Monday, November 3, 2014

The 9-4X

Nice dream...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saab Session Slovakia 2014

This is one of the busiest times I've ever experienced in my life. The neverending flu, which I hoped to be at the end before this year's the Saab Session. Of course it was not. A new and very strange GM in my daily job, making me think about, that I am too old for listening to incompetent managers.

But the smile of my newborn daughter gives me a energy for fight with all this every morning. Our private web project seen by 100.000+ people per month gets a smartphone version (app is there for long time). My first work on a smartphone dedicated website, I am proud of it. Many evenings and nights of work are behind it. We're searching for an investor to open new cities.

These are the things holding me off the blog for a while.

The Saab Session Slovakia 2014 has a nice headline at the end: "70 cars from 7 countries". It growed again a bit. Good mood was there all the time. All people from the scene were present. The place - Banska Stiavnica is beautiful. A success. Although I could be there only a couple of hours instead of the whole 2.5 days, here are some photos.

And then my camera failed :)

Much more and better photo material can be found on the official Saab Session Slovakia website.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 900 ferry

The Saab heaven:) It seems to be in Sweden, it could be easily one of the free ferries north of Trollhattan. Somewhere around here

Src: via facebook

Thursday, October 2, 2014

An old ad...

Beautiful old Saab ad.

Src: tumblr